Time Travel

Hey everyone, welcome to the Sonufbabeemoobeerebiewww. Yeah that was me mumbling.

Welcome to our new show, in its infancy. We have divorced our previous show and are dating a more beautiful, nerdy woman who can’t take things seriously. It is glorious.

This week in our unnamed show, we talk about time travel. If only I can go back in time and erase my last paragraph, it is just awful. Wait. I can with the backspace key. OH MY GOD. The backspace key can travel… back in space!! 

Okay seriously, in this show we talk about the science of time travel stuff, Owen talks movies, I nod in agreement, trains pass my apartment, people chop wood nearby, Owen gets mad at his friend and shoots him on the air, I call the police in a frantic panic, Owen promises to come murder me, he leaves his house to come after me, I watch an episode of Family Guy, casually get dressed, pack a bag, call the police because it take Owen an hour to get here, Owen is arrested, our show ends, documentaries are made.



Sgt Kabukiman N.Y.P.D.


Eh…………………………………………………………………. no. 

Hey everyone! Have you ever wanted to watch a murderous cop that dresses as a creepy kabuki performer while still holding on to his job as a vigilante crime fighter that also accidently lets his partner die because he is clumsy, when he transforms into the kabukiman he instantly becomes corny and annoying and makes out with elderly Japanese men in dresses?  You know it!

And the Boob Streak continues!

So check out this movie (if you want) and DEFINITELY check out our podcast! 

Your hands feel kinda rough… kinda like rope…


Thankskilling 3


Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at the SOABCast!  Well, all BOTH of us.... This week, we're keeping with the holiday spirit, with an instant classic, Thankskilling 3!  If you're looking to start a new family tradition by watching a movie, and your family is the worst, then this is the movie for you!  

Wait, this seems oddly familiar.....

Oh yeah, we did the first Thankskilling last year around this time, and we decided to do the sequel this year.  And yes, 3 is the sequel to 1, there is no 2.... Don't worry about that.  What you SHOULD be worried about is Newz with a ZEEEeeee, possessed DVD cases, floating disembidoed brains, and a cartoon greaser cat named CLITORIS CHRIS!

Happy Thanksgiving, from us to you.  Now go watch this movie, so you can feel gross all around this year!



The Octagon

Here's the new episode of the SOABCast, which makes me stupid, and you a whore!


Anyway, it's the first Chuck Norris movie we have done for the show, and man.... is it boring!  Honestly, this episode is pretty short, because we didn't have a whole lot to say about it.  Apart from the apparent misuse of the word "ninja", unneccesary square dancing, and all the whispering, pretty much nothing happens.  But at least you get to see Chuck Norris fight dudes, and he has his shirt off a couple of times.  If you're into that sort of thing....

Check it out!



100 Million BC

Surprise Raptor! The end of our boob streak! 



So, this week was classicly terrible Asylum film that always disapoints. Set 50 years or so ago, now and 100 million years ago at the same time, it is like Asylum once again can't get the minor scale, time or accuracy thing down after being in the film business for like, a 100 million years. If I can only go back in time to tell myself to throw myself into traffic right before watching it... At least I can see better movies on the Hallmark channel in the hospital as I recover from pulverizing every bone in my body.

Watch it?



Mystery Men

Pull my finger! It's the SOABCast! 

I really didn't think you'd do it! 

This weeks episode is of heroic proportions. Owen's intro is the most epic ever, we speak of a superpower that no one wants to have, and a workplace joke is taken too far. How can you resist this episode? 

Boob streak. Not a streak of boobs across your face but a steady streak of boobs. Boob streak!!


The ABCs of Death

H is for Hey Everybody, It's S is for SOABCast!

This week, we take a look at the fairly recent anthology horror movie, The ABCs Of Death.  

26 letters of the Alphabet.  26 directors.  26 casts and crew.  26 short films.  Like around 10 that are good.  The rest are either ridiculous, gross, confusing, or have a "Mr. Hankey"-esque character in them.

But it is worth checking out.  It was at least a good idea, and there are rumors of a sequel that I hope is better.  At the very least, it has short films from the directors of "Timecrimes", and "Hobo With a Shotgun"!

C is for Check it out!

I really need to stop doing that...



Hood of Horror

Well, well, well. So I see someone decided to come back for more tastes of the Soabcast huh? No, you left your phone here? Oh. Yeah it's right there. No, on the table there. Okay, great, yeah I had a good time too. Wanna do this again sometime? No? Uh. Well... bye. Oh wait where was I? 

Oh yeah, flashbacks of my first date.


Hood of Horror is a fantastic story of morizzle, dizzle, and comizzle that is actuizzle a well donizzle Snoop movizzle. I am very imprizzle. What is taking you so long? Watch it alrizzle.


Also, convert your talk to Snoop talk here.


I mean, it's like, jets......


Are you sick of found footage movies yet? ..... Oh, you are? .....Hmmmmmm... Well, here's another one, I guess!!!  And this time, it's.... actually a lot worse than others....

Monster is an Asylum movie, so I don't know if I need to go on, but I MUST!!  It's apparently a cross between The Host, and Cloverfied, with the monster being a tentacle monster in Tokyo.  The acting is terrible, the audio is worse, and there is an absolutely ridiculous and terrible panning shot IN A FOUND FOOTAGE MOVIE!!!!  It is terrible.

Plus, there are no paper towels, so it's pretty much the end of the world for these two sisters filming the stupidest documentary ever.

Check it out!



Dead Snow

Hey everybody, welcome to another minisode of the SOABCast!

Well, we weren't able to record the regular show this week, because Shaun was kidnapped by alien pirate ninjas.  And even though they returned him with plenty of time to record, we still didn't get to it.

So you have to listen to only me, Owen.  GOOD NEWS, it's a really short episode, with me talking about a Nazi Zombie movie I watched a year or two ago, called Dead Snow.  It is pretty funny, mildly disturbing in some parts, and generally an enjoyable watch. But hey, it's about Nazi Zombies, so it's right up our alley, right?

Here's my original review, as well.  We'll see you next week, when we FINALLY review Monster!

Unless Shaun gets killed by psychopathic clown robot water buffalos.  AGAIN.