Dead Snow

Hey everybody, welcome to another minisode of the SOABCast!

Well, we weren't able to record the regular show this week, because Shaun was kidnapped by alien pirate ninjas.  And even though they returned him with plenty of time to record, we still didn't get to it.

So you have to listen to only me, Owen.  GOOD NEWS, it's a really short episode, with me talking about a Nazi Zombie movie I watched a year or two ago, called Dead Snow.  It is pretty funny, mildly disturbing in some parts, and generally an enjoyable watch. But hey, it's about Nazi Zombies, so it's right up our alley, right?

Here's my original review, as well.  We'll see you next week, when we FINALLY review Monster!

Unless Shaun gets killed by psychopathic clown robot water buffalos.  AGAIN.